Our aim is to provide insight and advice thatcreates value for our clients.

Strategic planning to achieve short and long term objectives

  • Understanding of your business objectives
  • Mapping and prioritisation of issues / risks
  • Identification of the GR problems
  • Clarity on short and long term outcomes
  • Pragmatic plans with staged priorities

Analysis and mapping of stakeholders and decision makers

  • Analysis of target Government, Opposition and crossbench MPs and Senators
  • Bespoke and tailored plan to build relationships / influence
  • Specific strategies for crossbench and independents, and other influencers including industry coalitions
  • Tailored tracking and analysis of parliamentary debates, legislation, regulation, parliamentary hearings

Direct engagement with politicians

  • Directly engage with relevant MPs / Senators
  • Content creation (briefs, policy submissions, speaking notes)
  • Participation in parliamentary inquiries and relevant forums
  • Insight and advice on relevant events, forums or direct access
  • Hosting Parliamentary events

Understanding the bureaucracy and accessing networks

  • Insight into decision making process and key influencers
  • Advice on key relationships and decision makers
  • Recommendations on relevant industry networks and events
  • Trade advisory including diplomatic and ambassadorial relationships and key international networks

Practical outcomes

  • Drafting submissions to influence policy and regulatory process
  • Advising on funding opportunities and submissions
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with key individuals
  • Relevant political and policy insights

Capability and skills assessment

  • Review of your government relations internal and external capability
  • Training and capacity building of your executive (speechwriting, briefing notes and presentation training)
  • Development of assets (key messages, creative content).